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In a start-up you are never comfortable, you often have to adapt. However, the containment has pushed us over the edge.

Christian Aymé, CEO of Zero Watt Hour

What services does Zero Watt Hour offer?

Zero Watt Hour accurately measures the energy consumption of buildings using data obtained from smart meters.
The Zero Watt Hour project proposes a software-based solution that processes and delivers this information to help our customers better control their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint & energy budget. This solution allows you to compare your consumption with that of a building of the same category, age and region. Zero Watt Hour has been in existence for 4 years and sells on a BtoB basis to customers (2/3 public properties, 1/3 multi-site companies & energy suppliers) who spend several hundred thousand or even several million per year on electricity, gas and water for their properties.

How did your company experience the COVID period? Have you adapted your activity / solution and how?

The entire Zero Watt Hour team had to get used to new work, productivity and communication tools to quickly adapt to a new way of working. We have also proven that our energy monitoring solutions can become building monitoring solutions.
So we offered our clients to monitor their buildings, which became empty overnight, and to alert them to any malfunctions. For example, we have informed some establishments to turn off their collective heating, others have been warned of the detection of water leaks.
The new type of service developed will be offered to our customers in the future.
The COVID19 context has led us to invest more rapidly in digital solutions (cloud). Our solutions are now completely independent of our location.
Also, a new regulation arrived during the deconfinement: the tertiary decree resulting from the Elan law which requires all owners of buildings of 1000 m2 and more to drastically reduce their energy consumption (by 40% in 2030, 50% in 2040…). For us, this is an important market opportunity and for our customers an obligation whose first effects will be felt in the coming months.

Can we say that the current context has been a good exercise to quickly adapt your solutions?

We were not in comfort, in a start-up you are never in comfort, you often have to adapt. However, this context has challenged us. We are much more digital (cloud) and this period has opened us quickly to new perspectives, new services for our customers.

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Christian Aymé, CEO of Zero Watt Hour