Introducing the Deep Tech Factory Network Connector

Deep Tech Factory Network is an initiative from the French Tech Paris-Saclay, which allows the accompaniment of start-up members in their search for accommodation/equipment/expertise in the Paris-Saclay area for their pre-industrialisation phase.

French Tech Paris-Saclay also supports companies and institutions wishing to build such an offer for start-ups in the Paris-Saclay region.

The devices

Let’s start-up at your place!

Centralise and facilitate access to hosting offers from large accounts/IT companies and institutional players.

Tech it Easy

Centralise and facilitate access to equipment and skills from large account offers /ETI, public and private research institutes.

Start-up zone

Facilitate the implementation of space subleasing from a leading start-up to other start-ups.

I am a company or an institutional organization that wishes to offer hosting and/or facilities for startups

I am a startup and I am looking for office space, equipment and/or expertise for my pre-industrialization phase

They witness