AI & Ethic

For this new session, we propose a talk by Marc Rodier on Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and Biases.

* Trustworthy AI and EU Guidelines
* 5 Areas of Ethical Focus with examples :
  1. Accountability
  2. Value Alignment
  3. Explainability
  4. Fairness
  5. User Data Rights
AI and unconscious Bias based on real life use cases :

* Shortcut Biases (congruence, stereotyping, empathy, etc…) : « I don’t have the time or energy to think about this »

* Impartiality Biases (anchoring, Halo effect, confirmaFon, etc..) : « I know I’m wrong, but I’m right about this »

* Self-Interest Biases (ingroup/outgroup,statusquo, self-serving, etc…) : « We contributed the most. They weren’t very cooperative »

Marc is PhD, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Academy of Technology Member, IBM Cloud Managed Services Global Leadership Team, IBM Chair in Cognitive Sciences and Technologies ENSC

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