Ansible… and Ansible on IBM

A new talk on Ansible … and Ansible on IBM Z.

During this session, IBM invites you to discover Ansible through presentations and demonstrations.


Françoise Tith & Shilpa Rao will start by introducing Ansible (what it is and how it works, including a simple demo).

They will also present how they use it in production on a IBM France Lab SaaS product, including their feedback and best practices.

Françoise Tith & Shilpa Rao are both SW Engineers in the IBM Lab in France.


Gatien Dupré & Guillaume Chainet will demonstrate an example of the implementation of Ansible on the Z platform on the theme of application deployment.

Gatien Dupré & Guillaume Chainet are both Z DevOps Specialists in the IBM Lab in France.

IBM will send you login information a few days before the session.

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